Solar energy

SOL SIMPLE has the largest solar hybrid dryer in the region. Traditional solar drying is done outdoors-exposing it to bacteria and mold, takes up to two or three days and allows the fruit to oxidize. Our advanced dryer harnesses the sun's energy, but can rely on a backup burner for the rare cloudy day. We solar dry our fruits and vegetables indoors in a very hygenic and contamination free enviornment. This process provides a fruit that simply replenishes the earth, body and soul.


New Developments


SOL SIMPLE is in the development stages of designing and funding a bio-digester. A bio-digester is a large buried tank in which we can dispose our biodegradable waste material where it will decompose naturally and produce methane. The methane is captured inside the tank and will run through tubing to our converted burner, thus eliminating the need for consuming fossil fuels.

SOL SIMPLE is actively investigating the integration of a vegetable oil converted diesel generator or converted propane/methane generator fueled by our bio-digester to power our processing facility in Nicaragua. Not many exist-especially in Central America.