INCAE is the Harvard Business School model for Central America started by JFK in Managua in 1963 and is considered to be the most prestigious education in the region. Sol Simple was the first company to join the exclusive Export Nicaragua program designed to support new Nicaraguan export companies practicing sustainability. As a result, we have had the luxury of partnering with several groups of interns on projects in Nicaragua. INCAE has also lent Sol Simple office space for the past four years. We think Will is getting tenured next year!
CEI Centro de Exportaciones y Inversiones is an export promotional agency that lends support to small and medium sized export companies by providing contacts and market data and subsidizing some of the costs associated with attending important trade shows. These efforts help are integral to growing Nicaragua's economy.
CRS Catholic Relief Services is a development and aid organization that works directly with producers. They were one of our first connections on the ground to help us identify potential producers for organic for our sourcing needs.
Kellogg Sol Simple was fortunate enough to partner with two groups of interns to explore good marketing practices for our brand. The students came from all sorts of backgrounds, which lent itself well to our unique and diverse style and needs.
Biolatina Biolatina is our NOP-USDA certification agency on the ground in Nicaragua. They certify our production facility and many of the producers with whom we partner.
OKO-BCS BCS-OKO is a German based organic certification agency in Costa Rica that certifies another group of producers whom Sol Simple fully coordinated and funded.