Our Mission
Sol Simple uses renewable energy to produce the highest quality natural and organic products while pioneering socioeconomic advancement of rural single mothers, small farmers and their respective producing communities by connecting their products directly to the international market. The overall project supports the development and growth of agroforestry and farm diversification while improving livelihoods and in rural areas by facilitating access to relevant markets, resources, technology and support.

Single Moms
Sol Simple hires single mothers in marginalized communities in an effort to advance the overall well-being of women and their families in Nicaragua. We coordinate directly with local government, educational institutions and international developmental agencies to provide these women and small producers with both the skills and means to better their lives and surroundings.

We partner directly with producers and development missions everyday on the ground to promote farm diversification and organic certification. Sol Simple identifies producers, coordinates directly with various agencies to develop diversified and integrated production systems using agroforestry on small farms which can help farmers remain competitive and endure land use, as well as provide environmental amelioration and thus societal benefits.

Our fruit is hand-cut and packed, providing more jobs and eliminating the need for mechanized processing. Our solar drying technology harnesses the power of the sun greatly reducing our carbon emissions and consumption of fossil fuels.

We promote organic certification and only use organically grown products because they are healthier, taste better, are good for the earth and eliminate small farmersĀ“ exposure to highly toxic chemicals. By promoting only fair trade products from democratically organized cooperatives or small producers, we foster a sustainable farming economy in Nicaragua.

The result nourishes the earth, body and soul.