Sol Simple offers an open invite to come visit us in Nicaragua.
Come stay at some of our favorite spots in the country.

Little Corn Island-Caribbean (Casa Iguana and Dive Little Corn)
San Juan del Sur (Morgan's Rock, Villa Isabella)
Granada (Jicaro, Hotel Colonial)
Ometepe (Villa Paraiso)

Nicaragua Interesting Facts
Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America and the 7th in the Western Hemisphere
The official name of Nicaragua is the 'Republic of Nicaragua.'
Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.
Corn is the main staple in Nicaragua.
Baseball is the most popular sport in Nicaragua.
Nicaragua has nine six-crater lakes, more than any country situated outside Africa.
Lake Nicaragua is the second largest in entire Latin America.
Lake Nicaragua houses the world's only freshwater sharks known as Nicaraguan shark.
Lake Nicaragua is also home to a dual volcano island, which is the largest lake island in the world
The largest natural lake in all of Central America is located in Nicaragua. Called lake Nicaragua it is a major tourist attraction and water supply for many people.
Nicaragua had the first elected woman president of any central America country. She served from 1991 – 1997. Also she is the first democratic woman president of any democratic country in the world
The most famous Latin America singer Luis Enrique is from Nicaragua with many hits including "mi mundo"
Because of its virgin and untouched natural features, Nicaragua has also been the host of the popular US reality hit series, "Survivor" for several seasons now. In fact, its latest season is also shot in Nicaragua. This only proves that Nicaragua is a stunning natural paradise filled with exotic creatures and breathtaking sceneries.
Since Nicaragua has two coasts on two different sides you are able to swim in the Atlantic in the morning and take a dip in the pacific in the evening
Ometepe Island, home to two volcanoes, is the largest island in a fresh water lake in the world. (Unesco)
The capital city of Nicaragua is Managua.
The official language of Nicaragua is Spanish.
The currency of Nicaragua is Cordoba.
The main religion followed in Nicaragua is Roman Catholicism.
Nicaragua has three distinct geographical regions - the Pacific Lowlands, the North-Central Mountains or Highlands and the Atlantic Lowlands.
The Pacific Lowlands region is the most populous region of Nicaragua, constituting half on the nation's population.
The most populous city in Nicaragua is Managua.
Nicaragua is famous for its dance form, known as 'Palo de Mayo'.
Gallopinto is Nicaragua's national dish.