Organic Coffee

SOL SIMPLE offers single origin coffee. It arrives to your cup through a special collaboration between international development agencies, Sol Simple and small farming cooperatives. Our coffee is roasted to order in San Francisco and shipped directly to our customers. We also updated our packaging to a material that eliminates the use of petroleum in the plastic and replaces it with a vegetable based plastic.

LOS CHICOS' light roast Matagalpa organic shade grown coffee is farmed, hand-picked and processed along the cool pine-shaded slopes by a small farmers' cooperative in the high Nicaraguan Segovia Mountains at elevations above 4000 ft. It's an excellently balanced coffee, mellow with a rich full body.rtified organic bananas where none existed before.

Product information Size and price

Organic certified
Kosher certified
Fair Trade certified

$62.30 per case
plus shipping

7 units /case
12 oz. ea.
whole bean or ground

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